YCombinator is the top start-up accelerator in Silicon Valley, but you knew that already. 

It's developed it's cred investing in companies like Slack, Dropbox, Instacart & Airbnb to name a few. 

They've been around the block, and here's what YCombinator's founders, Aaron Harris and Jason Kwon are seeing in the space of startups...

Unprepared founders scrambling to find all of the documents required after receiving a term sheet, thus slowing down the deal's momentum. 

(No one wants to be that guy or gal.)

Which is why I put this course together. What I needed, and what your startup needs BEFORE you get handed a term sheet is their Series A Diligence Checklist. Can I get a Hallelujah?

Your American Dream Starts Here

Voted one of the top attorneys in America and featured in Forbes; Lawyer and Startup Coach Bahar Ansari teaches you how to prepare for closing Series A funding.

The purpose on THIS course is to accelerate your path to understanding and implementing their all-star checklist for closing your Series A!

  • No more sifting through hours of bad information online
  • No more need to translate the legalese
  • No more showing up looking unprofesh to meetings with investors

In most countries, it takes a law degree to understand regulations and laws, but you, my friend, are going to get it in just a few clicks.

Let's begin with the end in mind.

Be a boss

Get your documents in order no matter where you are. If you have your docs prepared ahead of time, you'll look like a Boss in the eyes of the investors. If you DON'T have your docs in order, the resulting delays can kill the deal. Learn everything you need to close investment rounds fast & easy.

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffAbout The Instructor

Bahar is a rebellious Attorney, a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning writer, an international speaker, and host of #Lawvely; a show about the laws of life.

Bahar has a doctorate in law from Whittier Law School. After graduating with her doctorate in law, she received her specialty from UCLA Law school with an LL.M in International Business & Tax law. Bahar also holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a minor in Business Administration from California State University in Fullerton. She is a California licensed attorney. 

Over the last 10+ years in law, Bahar has helped hundreds of creative people from all over the world achieve their dreams. From Olympians and award-winning artists to Creators in technology, science, and education.

Bahar believes that with just a bit of general legal knowledge, you can dream better, brighter, and achieve more like knowing the rules of the game. Bahar's mission is to empower young entrepreneurs inspired to create solutions to today's human problems.

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