The Secret Weapons Of A Borderless Founder

To remove your borders, you have to know what they are first. In society, these borders are established through laws.

It's important to learn core global areas of the law. Although we will focus on this from a U.S. perspective, the various countries will differ in terminology and details. My goal is for you to understand how to think about growing your startup globally and strategies to break into the U.S. market with very little cost. 

Here is what we will cover in this course:

  1. Immigration- how can you physically live where you want to live
  2. Launching your business 
  3. Protecting your business
  4. Growth
  5. Exit
  6. Must have Contracts
  7. Modern Entrepreneurship in a community-based world
  8. Representation by an attorney

Mindset Of A Borderless Founder

Do what you love & love what you do:

  1. Love at least half of what you do. Live creatively. Live your dream, use your creativity to create beauty, whatever that may mean to you, and creativity flows from love.
  2. You make the last call but you must have balls to stand your ground.
  3. Always put things in writing. Do you know what kind of people puts things in writing? Pain in the behind people who want to make sure things get done. Same people who create Do Lists and Grocery lists and add things to their calendars and show-up on-time. Do you know who doesn’t put things in writing? Someone who does not want to commit. Someone who is not sure of themselves and their decision. What they really mean is that I “might” perform unless something better comes along by then. What are the values and risks of working with this person or company without written commitment?
  4. If it comes down to it, choosing your own morals and ethics. You will have to stand by your advice one day. Who are you advising? Who is your duty to? Who will be screwed or harmed by your decision and who will become rich from your decision?
  5. Be a humanist. The best things in life aren’t things, they are people and the connections that make a heart skip a beat

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