Meet your instructor

About me:

A happy & hippie lawyer turned IT startup founder turned Counselor. A consciously creative Counselor.

Client Counseling has always been my most favorite part of my job. I think there are many many areas of law and life that a creative client can help themselves with guidance and knowledge.

You can learn to develop your natural creative skills, your intuition, legal, and business knowledge to navigate decision making smoothly and with speed.

Mission: To connect, educate, and co-create dreams

Philosophy: Be happy

Methodology: #lawve

Expertise: Legal Design and Creative Problem Solving

I specialize in making notoriously difficult to comprehend topics of law in business & Immigration simple to understand & accessible through design thinking. Design thinking allows me to connect dots between disparate ideas like tax & immigration and craft creative solutions.

Why I do what I do:

Goals are dreams with deadlines and I want to help you achieve yours.

What I do:

I empower founders to become borderless with smart legal strategies.

For who:

Creative founders with global ambitions. 

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